This is a blog for the English classes of the Public School of Hervás. From now you need to read in English.At the moment we will show you our work. Good luck and enjoy!!

Esto es un blog de inglés de la Escuela Pública de Hervás. A partir de ahora todo estará en inglés, de momento colgaremos aquí todos nuestros trabajos. Buena suerte y disfruta!!

sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015

Halloween in Third Cycle

Hello everyone!

We had such a nice time last week, we have celebrated Halloween!

In Third Cycle we had a few activities that made our week amusing: Hotel Transylvania Storyboard, Halloween Doors, Hotel Transylvania movie, Halloween decoration, Halloween songs... even a party!

Halloween doors decoration was a competition between Year 5 and Year 6 groups. We decided all doors are creative, original and unique so, all of them are winners! They won an English book each level!

After watching Hotel Transylvania movie, children made a Storyboard telling the story, they look just great!

Here you have some pics so you can appreciate their works, I hope you like them!

 Year 5A Door 

 Year 5B Door

 Year 6A Door

 Year 6B Door

Hotel Transylvania Movie and Storyboard